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Mediation A Business?

If you are going to run mediation as a business you need to begin by thinking of it as a business person.  As we all know law schools do not prepare you for business.  What did you do when you started your practice and what should you have done differently.   Next you...

If You Cannot See Your Parents

If you cannot see your parents, grandparents, kids, grandkids, or friends and you all do not have iPhone and cannot FaceTime. Check out this free application.  We use the paid version every day in our business. Sorry for the advertisement at the beginning but you can...

Are Attorney Fees Recoverable in Pro Bono Cases

PRO BONO ATTORNEYS CAN YOU RECOVER FEES FOR YOUR TIME? The Need for Pro Bono Attorneys More and more people are needing legal assistance either pro bono or at a reduced cost.  The Indiana State Bar Association has a Pro Bono Committee that is charged with developing a...

It is Graduation Time, What Next?

Do You have a Child of Divorce or Paternity Graduating High School, Turning 19 or Planning on Post Secondary Education?             In 2012 Indiana law underwent a significant change regarding the children of divorced or never married parents.  I.C. 31-16-6-6 was...

Attorney’s Guide to Social Media Evidence in Indiana

Social Media - What is there? Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Snapchat Google + Instagram

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