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Marion County Civil and Juvenile Court Update of June 19, 2020

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At this morning’s Marion County Court update the following information was provided. Check the Indiana Bar Association website later for a playback of the video conference No in person hearings on civil or Juvenile before July 6 but check Marion County court website to see if after that if the hearing is in person or not. For civil cases including Family Law cases click the link Civil Calendars.

If hearing is west wing you use Delaware street, if coming into center tower or basement you go through Market street, if your hearing is in east wing you go through Washington street entrance.

People with a building identification can go through separate entrance not the revolving doors

All people who are coming to court must always wear a mask in all Marion County buildings which house courts which includes the City-County Building

If you contend that you have a medical condition that prevents wearing mask you should bring a letter from your medical provider.

Juvenile court is only running in person hearings one court in each building of two buildings.

They do not have a jury plan approved yet. No jury trials before August 17 then only speedy jury trials.

Plan to start other Jury trial after September 1.

Pro supp calendar starting August 3 but will be remote.

Circuit court all hearings are being remotely.

Check Mycase to see if court has set it for Webex, Zoom or CourtCall Even if it does not say you need to check with court before going and it requires the court staff to enter it into the system.

The court is trying to limit the number of people entering the court house therefore please do not have people who are not necessary to your case come to the court hearings