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Are You Owed Back Child Support From Someone Who Has Who Has A Federal Thrift Savings Account (Tsp)?

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Firm News

The Thrift Board has determined that a person’s TSP is subject to a child support order.  This does not apply to an ongoing payment of the support but is for the payment of a child support arrearage.  The order must be specific to the TSP, must state a fixed amount, and must either state the amount to be paid or that the account is frozen pending a further order.  You may want to seek a freeze if you believe the person may liquidate or close the account before the amount can be determined.  For a further explanation of the requirements of the order you should refer to this link.

In the link go to Subpart B Section 1653.11 for the discussion on child support.   A court order can require a payment only to a spouse, former spouse, child, or dependent of a participant.  For a further discussion, go to the FEDweek website which is the website for discussion of federal employee benefits.  The article on the child support issue is here.

This is a complicated process, and you should consult your attorney, or if you do not have an attorney you should contact an attorney who regularly practices in the family law area.

Prepared by Richard A. Mann of Mann Law, P.C. Attorneys at Law,

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