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“Rick, I highly recommend Mann Law – a quality firm from top to bottom! I liked the professionalism and the pursuit of results of my situation in an equitable and effective manner. I was pleased with the honesty, the updates, and the execution of the plan to deliver results! Mann Law is aces in my book! Thank you.”

“Rick Mann always takes the call. Whether it is a new lawyer he doesn’t even know, or a judicial officer or some other attorney with a legal question, Rick goes above and beyond to not only answer the call but to make you not feel like an idiot for calling in the first place. His generosity of spirit is something to aspire to.”

“Thank you Rick.

I just wanted to tell you how pleased and impressed I was with your services. You proved to be much better and much more knowledgeable than my previous attorney. I am truly appreciative and wanted to thank you so much for finally bringing my divorce to a close. I am truly grateful.

I will definitely refer others to you if I am asked!!
Thanks again”

One service provider for Indiana online access to legal matters stated: “Mann Law, P.C. regularly tweets about many topics and recently published a nice summary of how the recent rule changes affect attorneys. His twitter feed is one of the resources we use to keep an eye on interesting developments in Indiana law. Follow him at”

“Rick is an awesome mediator. Knowledgeable and strong.”

Mann Law, P.C. was invaluable in directing me through as difficult divorce. He was conscientious in his dealings with me. He prepared me for all possible scenarios and explained the legal procedure in a way that I could understand what to expect. Mr. Mann personally responded to phone calls and emails. Mr. Mann took in to account the needs of my children at present, as well as their future needs. He followed through with assisting me in obtaining full physical custody for my daughters when it was shown joint custody was failing them. The Mann Law, P.C. fee schedule is clear and concise. There were not additional or unexpected charges.”

“After a difficult divorce, Mann Law, P.C., represented me in my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. My ex-husband was ordered to refinance our former home into his own mortgage, to which he did not do and when he failed to make any payments towards the mortgage after the divorce, I was sued for foreclosure. My bankruptcy was not a common Chapter 7 as I had been recently married in Iowa where same-sex marriage was legal. Living in Indiana, we were not considered married as Indiana did not recognize our union. Mann Law, P.C. treated us as any other couple. Todd Small reviewed our debts and assets and advised us on the best course of action. Todd was prepared to support us through any action necessary. We filed in the Federal Bankruptcy court as any married couple would and we were granted our bankruptcy. Mann Law, P.C. was willing to go beyond normal practice to relieve our debt. The fees charged for the bankruptcy were fair and competitive.”

“The entire staff at Mann Law, P.C. were kind, understanding, and supportive of our decision to pursue recognition of same-sex marriages in Indiana. My wife and I were married in Iowa on January 18, 2011. We both maintained health and life insurance through our employers. My wife worked for the State of Indiana and paid significantly less for her health coverage than I did for me and my three daughters. When she inquired about adding the new members of her family to her insurance plan she was informed that Indiana did not recognize our marriage therefore we could not be added. When we approached Mr. Mann about pursuing a suit against the State of Indiana, he was willing and enthusiastic about the challenge before him. Richard and his staff spent countless hours mulling over data and statistics regarding the relevance of our marriage. They fought for the rights of Indiana citizens to live and love as we deserved without discrimination. Mr. Mann was willing to proceed with arguments as far as the U.S Supreme Court if necessary to protect the rights he and his staff believe we were entitled.”

Dear Jenny,

I can’t thank you enough for handling my brother’s estate. You were wonderful! Truly appreciated your patience and thoughtfulness throughout this process!

Regarding a Minor Guardianship case: I hired Jennifer (Mann) Aldridge for a guardianship case. I had consulted with her several years prior for this same matter. She and her team were very professional and very thorough. I feel she sincerely cares about a child’s well being. I never felt like our case was just a job. Her expertise provided a successful outcome for the best interest of the child involved. She continues to follow up with me to make sure everything is going smoothly. She has also helped provide me with all of the necessary legal documents such as a will, etc., things I might not have thought about during this stressful time. I would highly recommend her and the firm she work for any legal needs, but especially for sensitive legal issues that involve a family.


Thank you so much for all you did to get the guardianship finalized quickly. It has really helped us with many of my mother’s medical and estate issues. Thanks so much!


Just a quick note to say thank you for everything you’ve done on my case this past year. I am so lucky to have you as my attorney. I was in what I felt like was such a crazy situation and I so appreciate you guidance, openness and support throughout it all. You’ve no doubt kept me calm. Thank you!

Todd and his team are, in my opinion unmatched. I was somewhat apprehensive about finding an attorney that would fit my needs, but Todd changed that. He’s a great listener, caring, very knowledgeable and forthcoming and made me feel extremely comfortable. Above all is his response time to any questions I had; which was in most instances right away. I highly recommend Todd and look forward to working with him on all my legal business matters.

“A Trusted Guide. That is what I think of when I think of my experience with Megan Gehring and the Mann Law, P.C. Law Firm. This past spring our family was in need of an attorney to guide us through the family court system and the Mann Law, P.C. Law Firm came to us through a fortunate referral. Megan Gehring took on our case. She is a skillful professional that not only displays expertise for her craft, but is responsive to the client’s needs. In our emotionally charged case, she always took the time to personally call or email regarding the proceedings. To say Megan was merely a most capable & competent attorney would not do her justice. In my experience her skills as an attorney were simply brilliant and the proof was in the favorable outcome of our case. A Trusted Guide; that is what Megan was for our family during a very difficult situation and she is who I would recommend for anyone needing representation of this manner.”