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Dedicated To Protecting Your Business

At Mann Law, P.C., we are dedicated to helping business owners achieve their goals. Our office is in Indianapolis, and we represent clients in Marion County and throughout Indiana.

Our lawyers have more than 60 years of combined experience handling complex business law matters. We know what’s at stake and how important it is to find a resolution to keep your business running smoothly.

Handling All Types Of Business Matters

We handle all types of business and commercial law issues. Some of the most common matters we assist clients with involve:

Prepare For The Future By Understanding Your Options

Our law firm will prepare you for the future by explaining your options and how each option will impact your business. We will always put your interests first and keep your business goals in mind when finding a solution to your issue.

Contact us right away before the problem gets too big. We will help you explore all options to resolve your legal problem.

Proper planning can go a long way in protecting your business. We understand the challenges of running a business — we’ve been doing it since 1982. We know how each decision will affect your plans and what action we can take now to help you achieve your goals or to prevent future damage to your business.

Contact Us

Contact us online or call us at 317-953-2567 to schedule a consultation. We offer appointments in person, over the phone and through Skype.