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Mediation Services

Our firm offers mediation services for a very inexpensive rate of $200 to $225 per hour. When there are two (2) parties which would be $100 to $112.50 each. Mr. Mann offers civil, appellate, Elder, and family law mediation which covers all types of cases you have whether custody battles, neighbor disputes or issues with a repair person or customer.

Ms. Gehring are family law mediators and can manage the full range of family law issues from child support, tax exemptions for children of non-married couples, paternity, custody, grandparent, and other third party custody or visitation, adoption matters etc.

The mediation generally takes place at our office. We have offered video option of mediation through Zoom for years before the pandemic, where the parties can be anywhere in the world with internet or smart phone service. We have computer programs that can quickly assist the parties in comparing different offers and outcomes on Large Screen televisions in our conference rooms or online through

If you do not have an attorney, we can still manage your mediations and we can prepare the basic documents but cannot give you advice, legal or otherwise. Even if you have an attorney and want to save money, we can have online access to your attorney when you need to talk to her or him. The attorney can then work on other matters and not bill you though the dead time so typical of mediations.
We also have a separate encrypted wireless internet system available for the participants. Many participants are busy people, and this allows them to work during the slow times in the mediation. This also allows your attorney to work on other matters which may reduce your bill.

Next time you need mediation for any purpose, you should ask your lawyer to check us out or if you are pro se, without an attorney, you can contact us and if the other party agrees, then we can schedule the mediation and try together to resolve your problems. We typically are successful 90-95% of the time.

Mediation Services