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Our Firm Protects The Environment

Our firm works to protect our clients and the environment. We have taken numerous measures to reduce our environmental impact. We participate in the IPL Green Power which means we purchase 100% of our power from windmills and gas generated from landfills, the IPL Business Energy Incentives resulting in a 25% reduction in air conditioning usage. We have insulated windows, insulated window coverings, solar tubes for lighting, R50 insulation in ceiling, and high efficiency heat pumps with high efficiency gas furnaces and fossil fuel monitors, programmable thermostats with zoning. We use indirect lighting and outside air when possible, salt free water softener and tankless water heater, low flush toilets, low flow water spouts on all sinks, and we recycle paper, bottles and cans. We use recycled material content paper and recycle all laser printer cartridges. We use email and paperless faxes whenever possible. We offer online conferencing with clients and customers of our mediation services. We have a shower for employees to ride their bicycle to work if desired. We use trees for shading of the building in the summers. We use recycled tires for our mulch which has allowed us to control weeds without herbicides. We use green cleaning supplies.

One may ask why this is important to our clients. First and foremost, it is for the environment. Secondly, it also reduces our cost of doing business which we pass along to our clients. This has allowed us to keep our rates low.

We are proud to announce that we have recently been recognized by the Indianapolis Bar Association for Excellence for our commitment and practices in environmentally responsible business operations in the IndyBar Green Legal Initiative. We received the highest award given only to our firm and 4 other Indianapolis Law Firms.