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Personalized Representation For Your Divorce

Every divorce case is unique and depends on specific circumstances. Your divorce can impact your life in many different ways. When so much is at stake, having an experienced attorney on your side can make all the difference.

We will help you with matters involved in your divorce or marriage dissolution at Mann Law, P.C. Located in Indianapolis, we represent clients in Marion County and throughout the donut counties in Indiana.

What is the difference between marriage dissolution and divorce? A dissolution of marriage is considered a no-fault divorce since you do not need to prove fault by one spouse. Both parties must agree to the terms of their divorce before they can file a petition of dissolution with the court.

In Ohio, divorce requires one spouse to allege that the other spouse is at fault according to the statutory grounds for divorce, unless the couple has been living apart for one year, with no cohabitation or interruptions in their separation and both parties agree they are incompatible.

We will explore your options and explain the impact and cost each choice will have on your future. Mann Law, P.C. is a Certified Family Law Specialist