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If you are going to mediate, you should be prepared

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Tips to make your mediation successful

  1.  Make sure you and your client are available the entire day on the date of mediation.
  1. Prepare your client to have realistic expectations.
  1. Prepare the mediator by providing the mediator in advance with all facts the judge would need to make a decision. If not enough time to prepare a formal written statement, call or e-mail the mediator.
  1. Prepare a mediation statement and distinguish between facts everyone involved knows and your confidential facts or strategy.
  1. Supply the mediator with a Word or WordPerfect document setting forth a global settlement covering all issues including documents the judge needs to sign to finalize your case and additionally, if necessary, release documents, new contracts, and documents to make transfers.
  1. Have all discovery completed and exchanged.
  1. Have all documents showing values of bills, debts, and assets.
  1. Contact third parties, when necessary, to see if you can compromise or lower what they will take i.e. credit card companies, medical providers.
  1. Make a settlement offer well in advance of mediation.
  1. Bring all the above to the mediation. Do all of the above at least 48 hours before mediation.
Mr. Mann mediates over 100 mediations a year in the areas of family,
civil, and elder law.

Prepared by Richard A. Mann of Mann Law, P.C. Attorneys at Law,

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