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Your Child Custody Case

Child custody and parenting time (visitation) issues require an in-depth knowledge of the law and what factors will impact the outcome of your case. We will provide the legal representation you need at Mann Law, P.C..

Do not try to handle your situation on your own. We will help you understand your rights and make sure all options are considered. Contact us today to start discussing your case.

Located in Indianapolis, we represent clients in Marion County the surrounding counties, and the state of Indiana. Our law firm is known for protecting our clients’ rights and best interests.

Guidance Throughout Your Case To Ease Your Concerns

Our lawyers will get to know you and explain the legal process as it applies to your situation. We know child custody proceedings are difficult and highly emotional. We are here to ease your fears and help you with all aspects of your case.

Our law firm will answer your questions and guide you through your custody case. We can help with the following issues:

  • Custody rights for parents or grandparents
  • Child Support and Parenting time guidelines
  • Modifications of parenting time orders
  • High-conflict situations

As a certified family law specialist in Indiana by the Family Law Certification Board, Mr. Mann has experience handling complex custody and parenting time (visitation) matters. We will work hard to find a resolution that fits your goals, and we will fight to protect your interests through skilled negotiation or litigation, whichever suits your needs at the time. Even if Mr. Mann is not handling your case, he has an open door policy with the other lawyers who regularly seek out the benefit of his knowledge and experience.

Protect Your Parental Rights. Contact Us.

Strong legal representation can protect your relationship with your children. To work with an experienced Indianapolis child custody attorney, call us at 317-953-2567 or send us an email to schedule a consultation with our law firm.

Child Custody