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Parenting Time Guidelines

The Indiana Supreme Court on December 18, 2012 (revised it January 4, 2013), adopted the much awaited changes to the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines. Some people refer to these as visitation guidelines which is no longer correct. The Indiana General Assembly and the Indiana Supreme Court changed the designation some time ago.

A totally new provision regarding high conflict cases has been added with a Model Order for the courts to utilize as a guide. The new rules go in to effect March 1, 2013. The new changes apply only to cases where parenting orders are entered after the March 1, 2013, effective date. If the parties already have an existing order, these rules do not apply unless a new order adopting these rules is entered in their case. I have attached a link to the order which allows you to see the exact changes as the changes are designated with either stricken or underlined letters. To review the guidelines go to Amended Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines. If you would like to discuss the affect on your case, you may schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys.