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Child Support And Social Security

The Indiana Supreme Court in the Brown decision caused a significant development in Indiana Law as it applies to people who are paying or receiving child support. If you are thinking about applying for social security disability whether it is SSI or SSD and you are paying or receiving child support you should consult a family law attorney familiar with the affect on child support. Many lawyers are not familiar with this issue as it is very complex and depends on many things such as the facts, the law and your perspective i.e. child support pay or receiver.

On September 15, 2009, the Indiana Supreme Court has approved the new Indiana Child Support Guidelines which will become effect January 1, 2010. There are many significant changes in these guidelines and you should have your lawyer or a lawyer familiar with such things review these changes to see if you are affected. A very significant change effectively reverses some of the provisions of the Brown decision referred to above. If you are on or seeking social security disability of SSI and you either receive or are order to pay support, you should definitely have an attorney who handles such matters review your circumstances.

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