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Strong Legal Counsel For Same-Sex Couples

Do you understand your marital rights? Same-sex couples in Indiana still face many legal hurdles when it comes to complex marriage, custody, divorce and other family law issues. At Mann Law, P.C., we are here to protect your rights.

Our firm successfully represented same-sex couples in having Indiana’s ban on same-sex marriage found unconstitutional. We are currently suing the state of Indiana and representing same-sex couples in challenging the state’s refusal to recognize the female spouse of a woman having a child as a parent.

Our attorneys take pride in the services we provide for our clients. We know the challenges same-sex couples face and the options available to resolve your case.

How We Can Help You

We represent clients in Indianapolis and throughout Indiana in all types of family law matters involving:

  • Property division
  • Custody, Support and Parenting Time (visitation)
  • Parenting time orders and modifications
  • Same-sex couples adoption

We know you may have many questions. We will guide you through the process, protect your interests and help you make informed decisions. Our same-sex rights page for married couples provides additional information on issues you may need to consider and how Indiana laws may affect your situation.

Our lawyers have experience navigating legal matters for same-sex couples. We have been involved in litigation cases in federal court and know what steps to take to help you and your family.

Personal Attention To Your Case

Every case is unique and deserves individual attention. You will work directly with our team of attorneys, who will combine their skills and resources to help you find a resolution. To schedule a consultation, call us at 317-953-2567 or contact us online. In-person, telephone, Skype, and other video conference appointments are available.

Issues For Same-Sex Couples