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International adoption is quickly becoming more popular in today’s society. Many families are required to go through extensive home studies, medical testing, psychological exams, background checks and various other requirements to be permitted to adopt a child from a country outside of the United States. The process can be long and arduous as the numbers of hoops that have to be jumped through to become approved seem never ending. After going through the process which can include obtaining travel Visas to nations that the United States may not currently be on the same political page, obtaining Visas to return the adopted child back home, obtaining an adoption decree in an international court system, and buying plane tickets for travel adoptive parents finally return to the United States with their new bundle of joy.

Unfortunately, the process is not fully complete upon their return. Once the adoptive child has come “home,” another step should be taken to finalize the adoption. The adoption decree from the foreign country should be “domesticated” by an American court for the adoption to be fully legally recognized. We provide the services to domesticate international adoptions using the same documents that you had to provide in your folio to the foreign country and can quickly and easily help you get through the final process of an international adoption. Once your decree of foreign adoption is recognized by the court you will be able to obtain necessary United States documentation such as birth certificates, social security numbers and passports.

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